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BLS Training in Dubai

BLS Training in Dubai focuses on enabling the healthcare professionals to deal with the emergency situations and save lives. BLS is the abbreviation for Basic Life Support and the program has been especially for the people working in hospitals and other healthcare organizations. Our BLS courses in Dubai are designed to provide medical and clinical knowledge for critical cases like cardiac arrest, Early CPR-AED etc. Life threats can happen to anyone, at any time, and that’s what our BLS courses have been designed for.

Who Can Participate?

  • •Physicians
  • •Dentists
  • •Nurses
  • •Dental assistants
  • •Laboratory professionals
  • •Paramedics
  • •Pharmacists
  • •Allied healthcare professionals

Why Should You Choose Us for BLS courses in Dubai?

On a daily basis, there are situations when a person may stop breathing. It may be because of a serious injury or any other health risk. These incidents require quick action and knowledgeable professionals who are able to provide the needed assistance. Being trained in basic life support can be an important step towards a promising medical career. Here’s what you get if you get BLS Training in Dubai with us:

Skills for Emergencies

These courses help you with the required skills to help someone who is in a critical situation like cardiac arrest. Though it is a very obvious thing as the training is focused on developing these skills only, it is worth a mention as it’s about life. It’s not just about doing great in your professional life and growing at a rapider rate. You may not be on duty and still manage to keep lives protected with a few active steps, which is the best part of the training.


Confidence is an essential thing while working in any industry; same goes with healthcare. It becomes very helpful while dealing with situations that ask for life saving measures. BLS training will help you with just the required amount of confidence. Having great confidence makes you act quickly in case of any life threatening incidents by eliminating the chances of hesitation. Taking the right step at the right moment can save a life!

Increased Appeal to Employers

Another obvious thing associated to BLS training is an increased appeal among the employers as they prefer certified employees who have the knowledge of basic first aid. Also, it helps you qualify the eligibility criteria as a BLS certification is a must have for most of the leading healthcare firms in UAE.

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We are approved by Dubai Civil Defense to deliver comprehensive Fire Safety training, in accordance with Federal Law No. 505 and the Dubai's Civil Defense strategic vision.

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